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5 RV Tips For Traveling Lightweight & Saving Money On Fuel

Taking a vacation should be relaxing and fun. Your mind should be free from the worry and stress of daily life while you venture out to new places and enjoy the sights and sounds with people you love. Unfortunately, like most activities today, traveling costs money, and RV travel is no exception. There is good news for the adventurers who can’t wait to hit the open road again. We have some tips to help you lighten the load and save a little cash. So get ready to get back out there and travel to your heart’s content.

Purchase A Lighter & Smaller RV

Are you considering buying an RV, but the price and cost of upkeep and maintenance are concerning? Now might be the time to evaluate your needs and consider something smaller, lighter, and less expensive. While the comfort and convenience may be worth the extra expense in some cases, fuel and maintenance costs on a Class A RV are a lot higher than its Class B and Class C cousins. If you’re ready to cut costs, you may want to check out trailers like fifth-wheels or bumper-pull travel trailers.

Pack Lightweight Equipment

It would be easy to say pack light, don’t take what you don’t need, etc. Truthfully, there are non-essential things you may want or need while on the road, so packing light is not always the practical approach. Instead of packing light, you should try packing lightweight. Replace heavy equipment with lighter items made of materials like aluminum. Shop for groceries after arriving at the campground instead of carrying all your food on the road. Pack lightweight clothing, weather permitting. Think light when packing, but be realistic about your wants and necessities.

Routine RV Maintenance Checks

Regular maintenance and care of your RV are beneficial in getting the most mileage for your money. Things like checking the tire pressure, changing the air filters, and regular oil changes can impact fuel usage. Sometimes overlooked among lists of RV traveling tips, these routine checks will help you get where you want to go without a surprise trip to a mechanic–and the bill that comes with it.

Gas Cards & Fuel Discounts

Fuel pump anxiety is a legitimate concern, making most of us dread filling our tanks, especially during the spikes in fuel prices. Thankfully, programs and discounts are available for the frequent traveler to help lessen this anxiety. Apps like GasBuddy can find the closest, lowest fuel prices. The Open Roads Fuel Program offers discounts at the pump for diesel users. A membership with the Good Sam Club can save you money on gas while also offering savings at RV parks and on camping equipment. The good news is that a few small membership cards won’t add much weight to your lightweight RV traveling lifestyle.

Drive With Purpose

Programing your GPS before heading out can save you the unnecessary headache of stopping for directions–and possibly prevent any out-of-the-way detours. It’s also a great way to save money. If you know the quickest route to your destination, you won’t waste valuable time and fuel trying to figure out if this way or that way is best. Maintaining a consistent speed as you drive is a beneficial tip to remember as you begin your next adventure.

RVing In Shawnee

Lightweight RV traveling can be your reality by following these simple RV traveling tips. Saving a little on fuel may mean going farther next time you explore the country. Whether you come from near or far, Shawnee RV Park is the best place to camp out and explore everything Oklahoma has to offer.

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